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  1. Tias Dec 21, 2013

    Wow, it's been such a long time since I was here on MT. Life really does move forward.
    However I'd still like to say the reason most of us left is because of the crappy update we got back then. It changed the system and people left.

    Either way, people can find me at Tumblr -->

  2. Ryan19 Dec 22, 2010

    Sneak in......*

    Finally, I'm back from outside busy world.

    Too many things to tell. Don't know where to begin.

    :D I'll keep up with all the fellows of Yamamori.

    merged: 01-03-2011 ~ 03:12pm
    Hey guys, if any old members coming back do let me know k.

    Willing to chat out here :D

  3. Jyu-Jyu Feb 22, 2010

    Quote by Deathentwell u guys.. still alive..? i jz drop by a bit to show face.. lol
    been bz wif college, since now im in my final sem.. gotta study.. >_<'
    well then.. hope u guys have a nice day.. study or working.. v^_^v

    if u still around.. happy belated birthday..

    OH LAST SEM! yay! you're almost done! ^_^ so happy for you! *Huggles*

  4. Deathent Oct 20, 2009

    well u guys.. still alive..? i jz drop by a bit to show face.. lol
    been bz wif college, since now im in my final sem.. gotta study.. >_<'
    well then.. hope u guys have a nice day.. study or working.. v^_^v

    if u still around.. happy belated birthday..

  5. Jyu-Jyu Aug 12, 2009

    7.5 hrs a day isn't bad - i work 8hrs a day (technically i work 10 hrs day) cause I work from home and there always seems work to be done. LOL
    CONGRATS on the acceptance! I'm really happy for you! now you'll make big money and you can party til .....uh....til....(i can't find a word that rhymes with party) LOL well you get the idea. ^_^ *Huggles* again congrats!

  6. Tias Jul 30, 2009

    No stress? xD
    lol, i have to work like 7,5 hours each day now, from 22:30 til 06:00 in the morning <_<
    and on the 21th august i am finnaly done -_-

    and today i got a letter back from the place i applied to, and i got accepted, so will be taking a "Multimedia designer and communication" programme or something

  7. Jyu-Jyu Jul 15, 2009

    WOOT WOOT! go tias! SEE! I knew you could do it! *hugs* Let's celebrate! *throws confetti everywhere* oh a hat! *grabs a party hat for Tias and sticks it on his head* nyannnnn ^_^ so cute! congrats on graduating! Hard work is over and now time to play! no more stress - nothing but fun!

  8. Tias Jun 16, 2009

    I just need 1 more exam now and i'm done~

    got top grade im my german oral exam >:D

    merged: 06-22-2009 ~ 07:25pm
    Aaaaah T_T

    i got my last exam tomorrow morning -_-
    but after that it will finnaly be over~

    merged: 06-27-2009 ~ 08:57pm
    aaaaaand i passed my last exam =D
    got a 10 (in english it's B i guess)
    And i graduated, wooooo =D

  9. Jyu-Jyu May 28, 2009

    YAY Tias! you're almost at the finish line! WOOT WOOT! *fist pump*

  10. Tias May 27, 2009

    3 More exams to go, had an exam today lol

  11. Jyu-Jyu May 27, 2009

    Tias - no worries! I know you'll do GREAT! Keep up with the studies! Just remember to have time for fun too! I also heard that humans only retain the first 10 min and last 10 min of what they learn....soooo that means study in 20 min intervals HAHAAHAH take 5 min breaks ....OMG! I'm terrible! not helping you with studying am i?

    merged: 05-27-2009 ~ 05:53am
    OHHHHH - misa-chan otanjyoubi omedeto! (sorry - i'm like 6 days late)! *huggles* I hope your bday went well and that it was full of fun surprises! MISS YOU!

  12. Tias May 26, 2009

    I'm being butcherd by my exams <.<
    So that should say how well i am right now >.<

  13. Jyu-Jyu May 26, 2009

    for some reason - after so many years have passed - I thought of you all. Came back to see minna-san was doing! ^_^ *huggles*


  14. Tias May 23, 2009

    I'm still alive people!111
    Lets just hope my exams whont slaughter me =D

  15. Deathent Mar 31, 2009

    @ Everyone
    lol.. my internet "broke" last 1.5 month, so no more internet at home for meh..
    explaining my absence these days..
    class also dont have internet much, so, its hard for me to go on9 these days..
    but anyway.. ill try my best to get active.. T_T

  16. Ryan19 Mar 11, 2009

    Lol.....i am here. Finally getting to meet you guys agn.

    Being a tough time, since everything become very pain-staking while running big job outside.

    Hope you guys keep in touch here.

    From Genshimotou.

  17. Tias Jan 30, 2009

    lol, just watch em online then?

    merged: 03-08-2009 ~ 06:09pm
    dead group is dead -.-

  18. Deathent Jan 22, 2009

    same here.. nowdays its quite boring to even on9.. & i cant dl any new anime whatsoever.. :(

  19. Tias Jan 20, 2009

    bored, not so good as i would like it to, and uh, other stuff :P

  20. Deathent Jan 07, 2009

    oh tias.. been a while.. ur finally back ehh..? :D
    how u doin nowdays..?

    ~*huhu.. finally someone back..*~ -_-'

  21. Tias Jan 05, 2009

    i'm still alive >_>

  22. Deathent Dec 31, 2008

    HAPPY NEW YEAR~ XD to all the Zombies here.. ~_~'
    did u guys still alive..?

  23. Tias Oct 25, 2008

    LoL, and i just realized that it takes you 1 credit to send a post now, i swear, fuck this stupid now MT version, the old one was so much better :(

    merged: 11-23-2008 ~ 08:27pm
    not many left now it seems >_>

    merged: 12-19-2008 ~ 02:49pm
    Now it's really dead : /

  24. Deathent Oct 15, 2008

    lol tias.. happy birthday.. (im jz a bit late & u alredi wish it 4 urself ehh..) XD
    i jz start my new college semester now, last sem, got 3.8, hope i do ok this sem too.. lol

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